A. & C., Coquitlam, B.C.,Couples counselling, marriage, cheating, infidelity

“Hi Barbara, I got to thinking today that C* and I only ever seem to send an email to you when we’re in trouble, but not otherwise. Happy to report that we’re doing very well! Had a real rough spot a few months back, but we seem to have come out the other side stronger for it and we’re both loving the emotional space we’re in right now. It’s never felt better actually.”

Hugh, Surrey, B.C., anxiety, depression, relationship counselling

“Barbara, Hello, yes everything is progressing very well. Me and J* are going really good, she told me a few weeks ago that she is falling/fallen for me which is a nice feeling. I’m okay, sometimes I still have those ‘negative’ thoughts though I the tools you have given me are helping me dispel those!”

N.R., North Vancouver, B.C., relationship counselling

“Barbara, I hope this finds you well – happy and healthy! I was telling a friend how much you helped me, and she is interested in finding a therapist for herself. I told her I would ask if you are accepting new patients. I am doing well, the kids are good, growing and healthy and for the most part happy little boys. Time is just flying by.
I think of you often and the work we did together.”

Lisa, Delta, B.C., relationship counselling, anger management

“Hi Barb…. I have been giving it alot of thought, and feel like I am doing good right now and I think our last appointment really proved that to me. I have learned alot about myself through seeing you. I hope that if I need to in the future I can make contact again. Take care and thanks for everything.”

C.B., White Rock, B.C. anger management, anxiety and depression

“While I’ve been to counselling a few times, your style of counselling has been the best ‘fit’ for me as a person thus far, and I find that every session reveals new amazing insights on how to communicate and function in everyday life in a more fulfilling way. Before I started counselling with you, I felt overwhelmed with many aspects of my life and my emotions often felt out of control. I found hope and strategies to deal with conflicts I encounter in all my relationships.”