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    Couples Counselling


    ·        Do you and your partner fight over money?

    ·        Did you partner cheat on you?

    ·        Does your relationship feel dead?

    ·        Should I stay or go?  I love her/him, but I am no longer in love

    ·        In the beginning of our relationship there was lots of sex, romance, now?


    ·        I put people before problems by focusing on getting to know you and your partner, learning clearly what your specific relationships issues are.

    What to Expect

    Working together, I will help you to:

    • identify negative patterns that are hindering the quality of your relationship.
    • learn how to stop blaming each other so you can work through problems without power struggles.
    • reconnect to the love and passion of the early days of your relationship.
    • learn to hear what each other is saying, what the other person means and what they want in the relationship.
    • learn how to bring up painful and frustrating issues without dredging up the past.

    Time and time again, I observe that couples find it easier to speak to each other and say things they need to say in front of me in a safe environment.

    I use a very active now-lets-go-forward approach to the struggles and conflicts. Doing so has proven to work well by both women and men in relationships.

    Here’s what one couple told me recently.

    Barbara, listen: in the past few years we’ve been to three counsellors before we came to you and I want you to know that you are the first one that really does take the time to find out who we both are individually and as a couple.  You not only listen but you really hear what I am saying.  You get me.” B.J. Coquitlam

    I am an agent for change.  Very quickly, from first session onwards, I move forward giving you tools that will assist you to move beyond THE PAST—the same old, stuck, circular arguments.

    In my counselling practice the majority of clients I work with are couples.  I have the specific expertise and proven results that are required to tackle the many potential issues in an intimate relationship.

    You have my guarantee that when you work with me and use the tools I provide you will leave my counselling services knowing yourself and your partner more than you ever have.