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    Hello there!

    10 basic facts about me:

    ·        I show up, pay attention, listen and tell you the truth

    ·        You’ll see that right from the first meeting with me, I guarantee you that I am always working on creating a relationship between us where you are able to feel emotionally safe to speak freely without ever feeling judged or shamed.

    ·        I am told that my main strength is my authentic willingness to be myself while working as a therapist—this sets me apart from most therapists.

    ·        At 73 years young, my engaging signature style of bold, no nonsense counselling comes with lively interactive humor, wit, caring and compassion. I make no apologies for my sometimes choice of well-chosen salty words.

    ·        I have a highly skilled BS barometer that identifies client’s defenses in order to get to the root of the problem

    ·        I am persist, cajole, dispute and prod with passion, care and tempered with good humor.  In short I am real.

    One male client recently told me, “You have a Howard Stern-like approach while counselling…… you say it the way it is!”

    ·        I have arrived at this effective style first by achieving a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and through 15 years as a seasoned full time practicing psychotherapist.

    ·        My practice is CBT and REBT focused which means we focus on the here and now (not necessarily the why) and we work together interactively.

    ·        My approach is based on solution-building rather than problem-solving, helping to move forward.

    ·        My clients come to counselling to be heard and that their feelings and thoughts matter

    My Qualifications:

    • Baccalaureate degree (BA) in English Literature and Psychology (Simon Fraser University, 1998)

    • Masters degree (MA) in Counselling Psychology (City University, 2002)

    • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) ~ B.C. Assn. of Clinical Counsellors # 2118)