Hello, my name is Barbara Mulski. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor.

My areas of expertise are men’s issues, couples issues and anger management.

At my office in New Westminster, British Columbia, I have seen hundreds of normal, everyday people of all cultures who wanted help to overcome feelings of helplessness, overwhelming emotions, and confusion.

My work is my bliss and I am deeply touched and gratified to be able to help people overcome their obstacles, and to go on to live better, more fulfilling and productive lives.

My Practice

I answer my own phone and email.

My sessions are always 90 minutes long compared to the usual 50 minute counselling session.

I book only 12 appointments per week so I am always able to provide the type of focused energy and listening that is needed to help my clients. I invest fully in your want of change.

My Style

Clients know me to have a lively, engaging animated style that right away puts them at ease.

This is essential, as it allows me to get from them an in depth history of their past relationships and behaviours.

Once I listen to where my client is coming from, working together we can get down to finding the root of the problem.

My clients frequently remark on my ability to identify their defenses in order to get to the heart of the problem. The sooner I’m able to do this the better as now-a-days people want answers, and they want answers quickly.

This is where my outside-of-the-box counselling style comes in. I am persistent, gentle, demanding, and goal directed as I remain focused at the issue at hand.

My signature style of no nonsense interactions comes with humor, wit, caring and compassion. I make no apologies for my sometimes choice of salty words.

One male client recently told me, “You have a Howard Stern-like approach while counselling…… you say it the way it is!”

Other clients usually tell me that they appreciate my direct style, which sets me apart from other “feel good,” wishy washy counselling styles.

I have arrived at this effective style through years as a practicing counsellor, as well as an education in psychology and counselling.

Call me right now, today! Let’s begin.

My Qualifications:

• Baccalaureate degree (BA) in English Literature and Psychology (Simon Fraser University, 1998)

• Masters degree (MA) in Counselling Psychology (City University, 2002)

• Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) ~ B.C. Assn. of Clinical Counsellors # 2118)