If you want to challenge yourself to become a better version of you, I would highly recommend that you reach out to Barb. Sessions with her are fun, refreshing and thought provoking. I wouldn’t be where I am if not for her guidance. Thanks Barb! M.T.

Things are going well for me. I often reflect on our conversations and feel grateful for the clarity and strength I gained from the sessions with you. Please know that you made a tremendous difference in my world. Thank you, June

I have never been to counselling before calling you and then coming to talk with you about my personal concerns. I found you to be kind, not judging and nurturing–I miss my Mum so much. I am eager to continue with you when I am back from vacation. J. M.

“Hi Barbara, I got to thinking today that C* and I only ever seem to send an email to you when we’re in trouble, but not otherwise. Happy to report that we’re doing very well! Had a real rough spot a few months back, but we seem to have come out the other side stronger for it and we’re both loving the emotional space we’re in right now. It’s never felt better actually.”
“Thanks for the Skype call in while we were away on our extended trip! It was helpful and we appreciate your time, skills and energy. BTW today we are celebrating our second anniversary.”
“Barbara, Hello, yes everything is progressing very well. Me and J* are going really good, she told me a few weeks ago that she is falling/fallen for me which is a nice feeling. I’m okay, sometimes I still have those ‘negative’ thoughts though I the tools you have given me are helping me dispel those!”
“Barbara….Thanks for another great session last night, we touched on some really good stuff.”
“Barbara, I hope this finds you well – happy and healthy! I was telling a friend how much you helped me, and she is interested in finding a therapist for herself. I told her I would ask if you are accepting new patients. I am doing well, the kids are good, growing and healthy and for the most part happy little boys. Time is just flying by. I think of you often and the work we did together.”
“Hi Barbara….Just want to thank you for the great advise, it made D* feel really good and that makes me happy. =) Looking forward to seeing you again next week! Have a good day!”
“Thanks again for your inspiration before I relocated to be with my young son , it really helped!”
“Hi Barb…. I have been giving it alot of thought, and feel like I am doing good right now and I think our last appointment really proved that to me. I have learned alot about myself through seeing you. I hope that if I need to in the future I can make contact again. Take care and thanks for everything.”
“Happy Chinese New Year, Barbara!!! We got our pictures back from the wedding and wanted to share our special day with you. Thank you again for all your help. This day would not have happened without you.”  
“While I’ve been to counselling a few times, your style of counselling has been the best ‘fit’ for me as a person thus far, and I find that every session reveals new amazing insights on how to communicate and function in everyday life in a more fulfilling way. Before I started counselling with you, I felt overwhelmed with many aspects of my life and my emotions often felt out of control. I found hope and strategies to deal with conflicts I encounter in all my relationships.”
“ Barbara ….just a quick e-mail to follow up on our first session Friday evening. I found our conversation to be very helpful. My level of anxiety is way down. I left your office with a renewed sense of hope. I love my wife very much and want our marriage to work. “
“Sorry for the rant all session last week. But, this has been a good week. I’m being more assertive and doing the best to stand up to what I want and need. I’m not letting my girlfriend walk on me. You are right. Things have been a lot better. Now if only the sex life would improve. Once a week jump on is not enough! I hope that this improves with time. You are making a difference in my life. Thank you.”